Why You Must Wanderlust And Start Today!

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I remember riding the school bus through Detroit and seeing

the abandoned buildings,

the eclectic art,

and in the distance, the Ambassador Bridge.

imagining the endless adventure and possibilities on the other side of that river, i thought.

**Spoiler Alert: we went to a museum down the road where I counted down the minutes until the trip was over.

I had to know more about the bridge so I played the 21-question game with my teacher that ended with, you may have to ask your parents.

And so it began...

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For me, seeing a extraordinary city (Detroit) with so much potential, heart, and beauty among the ashes ignited a fire - I HAD to do something. 

Meet to faces. Travel. Wanderlust until my heart could no longer wander anymore. 

But where to begin...



When I started dating (My Now husband,) we started a tradition of visiting a new place every year. (Highly recommend this for newlyweds and spur-the-moment weekend getaways!)

Our requirements:

  1. A first-time family experience. Somewhere neither one of us had visited. 

  2. Destination that Left us exhausted. We were so eager to explore every corner of a city and planned the next based of the current adventure!

  3. a spur-the-moment trip. Ok for all my Type-A planners, BREATHE. Some of our favorite memories have been the unplanned, messy, and Exhilarating trips.

  4. Find A Travel or bucket list Book.  2,001 Things to Do Before You Die by Dane Sherwood, Helped create an experience for my family and i - see below:

  • Visit a drive-in movie

  • Learn a new word every day

  • Go on an unplanned weekend vacation

  • Travel Route 66 (or similar highway)

  • Visit the beach

  • Spend a week at the lake house

  • Study a language

  • Watch fireworks off the lake

  • Read a new book at least once a month

  • Take a self-defense course

  • Master a dish

  • ....one day, visit Greece :)

And a few from the book:

  • Become a _____ of the month member (flower, wine, chocolate)

  • Send dozens of postcards for no particular reason

  • Pay a stranger's subway fare (or taxi or coffee)

  • Turn off the television or power down your phone and go look at the stars

  • Bowl a 300

  • Share the wealth

  • Call a radio station and dedicate a song to ______

  • Research a subject you've always wanted to know about

  • Take pride in your offspring

  • Leave the place in better shape than you found it

  • Live without a phone/internet for ____ days

  • Leave work early and take your family to a dinner and movie








Anyone else swooning over this list?!

Where has been your All-time favorite places to visit?

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