Why We must Live In the Present

I don't know about you but on vacation, I take a million pictures - I have no problem channeling my inner mamarazzi.

And while attempting to capture every moment, I'm also learning to LIVE in the present.

Please tell me you struggle with this, too? 

Take a photo. Post. Take a selfie. Post.

Like, comment. Repeat.

Guilty as charged so say it with me, TURN OFF SOCIAL MEDIA. 




And I CHALLENGE you to explore your local gems. 


Here, let me go first.

I've struggled with the "phone in front of my face 24/7" syndrome considering the hundreds of social media platforms that need CONSTANT updating. I find myself NEEDING to be connected.

Which brings me to the purpose of this post.

The push for a online presence is greater now than ever.

Our worth isn't in likes and comments. Our worth isn't in the tangible.

Appreciate all this life has to offer. The environment. The people. The memories. 

Here are some beneficial tips to help transition into a more "living present" lifestyle:

  • Travel - a perfect opportunity to make memories, explore places near and far, and free your mind. Need ideas? Mock up a bucket list like my friends at The Awesome Mitten. Check out #miawesomelist if you live or plan on visiting Michigan. You're welcome ;)

  • Schedule times - I check my phone way more than needed, and we all know how easy it is to get sucked into the internet vortex. Now, I clock in early in the morning and after the babies are asleep. Do what works for your schedule :)

  • Plan ahead - Having a to-do list keeps me on task. I may not complete every task but I know what needs to be accomplished before I tap into the internet realm. Make a list the night before so you are ready to rock in the a.m.

  • Step out of your zone - Whether its food, a hobby, befriending a stranger or an outfit you've had your eye on, nows the time to carpe diem. I am all for making memories.

  • Spend time with Him - The minutes I spend with the Lord truly give me peace, love and an understanding no other being has come close to. In a life full of questions, His Word has the answers. Meditate and talk with Him daily.


Right now is all that's promised. It is no mistake that you are alive and well.

Put down the phone and step outside. Thank God for your health, your loved ones, the roof over your head, and the opportunity to make an impact in this world.

Live for today.

Tell me below what you are grateful for today...