Why We Must Listen Love Repeat - Part 2

In case you missed Part 1 of Listen Love Repeat, click here to get caught up ;) 

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Karen shares so many inspiring tips, personal stories, and simple ways to show kindness throughout community. Here are a few ways to live more intentionally and Spread kindness right where you are:

  • Practice hospitality.

    There was a point made in the book that said, "we can lead with our hearts and bless with our homes." Last month, I had hosted a small gathering (thrown together last-minute) and invited our neighbors. It was a wonderful time. A couple days later, my neighbor had seen, stopped and thanked me for having our get together. Turns out, he had been having a tough week with work and needed a breather. Our possessions, our homes are meant to be utilized for ministry and at times, a haven for someone when we least expect.

  • Connect with the lonely and unloved.

    What better time to be reminded of this than with the holiday season quickly approaching. Adopt the concept of "living with an open door policy." We should be ministering to those who society dismisses. We were created to live for community and for each other. Turn on your feeling barometer and reach out!

  • Love the unloveable.

    You know who I'm referring to and someone had to of popped into your mind. Think about it, Jesus continued to love those who betrayed, slandered, mocked, and despised him. Only love and kindness can melt the icy heart. Seek out someone today who would least expect a kind word or an act of gratitude. Remember, slow and steady.

  • Embrace family.

    There’s a sticky note next to my nightstand that says, "If you aren't praying for your family, then who is?" Accept and embrace every flaw, every imperfection of the people who loved you from day one and continue to do so. The love of family is the closest form of endearment to God's love we will ever feel on Earth; because they are a gift. Celebrate those dear to you not just on special occasions but every day.

  • Scatter kindness.

    If your loved ones could describe you in one word, what would it be? Beautiful? Caring? Sweet? Funny? Although I fall short at times, I strive to be kind. I couldn't tell you what I have said or done for someone, but I can remember exactly how they felt. When we scatter kindness where ever we go, the blessing comes back ten fold. Our job is to show others God's grace through kindness. Once we have done our job, the rest is in God's hands.


My prayer for you is that these words will resonate with you as they have with me. Not too often do books like Listen Love Repeat change the way I think or influence me to take action.   

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**I was selected as a book launch team member for Listen, Love Repeat. All views and opinions are my own.**