Why Michigan Is a Must See Destination

Ready to explore but not sure where to go or even Where to begin??

Michigan has easily become one of the most desired locations of the midwest:

Traverse City


grand Haven


Harbor Springs

These are just a few famous cities fly across the Country to visit and enjoy Pure Michigan.

here are 5 must-see stops while venturing across the "Mitten State."

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I was grateful to have stumbled across the #miawesomelist from The Awesome Mitten.

The list was packed with so many mini-excursions for the family statewide and great places to eat, see and simply take in for it’s scenic view!   

The Ultimate Michigan Summer Destination List

Here are our top 5 Michigan summer destinations:

1.) Traverse City -

There are endless possibilities in the land of wineries and restaurants. While visiting a city where majority of festivals, shops and the beach are within walking distance, here are some of my favorites.

Trattoria Stella Restaurant, 2016

Trattoria Stella Restaurant, 2016

Trattoria Stella Restaurant is located inside the old asylum called The Village at Grand Traverse Commons. The menu at Stella's has an ever-changing menu complete with fresh ingredients. We make a point to eat here every time we visit.

The Little Fleet is a treasure we discovered this year. Picture a half-dozen food trucks with the most flavorful, nutritious and mouth-watering meals; and bonus, they thrive off of eco-friendly products! There's no other place quite like this fleet of deliciousness.

Visiting Traverse City wouldn't be complete without stopping at the wineries!

My top three recommendations:

  • Black Star Farms

  • Bowers Harbor

  • Chateau Chantel

    the Black star farms + bowers harbors atmosphere are much more relaxed (less tourists). Chateau Chantel attracts many tourists, especially during the summer and also have a great wine selection. 


Bower's Harbor Winery view, 2016

Bower's Harbor Winery view, 2016

2.) Detroit -

are only a few hot spots! Here are a few more I can't say enough about:

Heidelberg Project, 2016

Heidelberg Project, 2016

The Heidelberg Project was a trip that needs to happen. The creativity, passion and inspiration behind the art I saw was empowering. One person could've seen this as someones "trash" while I saw this as a place of expression and a piece of Detroit's beauty. My boys loved it and now I have a little more appreciation for such extraordinary art. 

Motown Museum is a legacy and for some the birthplace of highly-gifted musicians and producers. Walking up to the museum, we were greeted by a Michael Jackson impersonator that I could've watched perform for hours - my boys included! There is so much history from the inside out!

Belle Isle is gorgeous. My husband and I had our engagement pictures taken here years ago and its view of Detroit is still as beautiful as I remember. Visitors are welcomed by the most majestic fountain display, family-fun beaches, picnic areas, a large golf course, a casino (yes, you read correct!), playgrounds and so much more! We stopped at the Nature Zoo to check out all the little critters and animals after we paid a visit to the Aquarium! We could've easily spent a day here with all that Belle Isle had to offer! 


Motown Museum, 2016

Motown Museum, 2016

3.) Frankenmuth -

This amazing city immerses visitors into the devout German culture, especially when it comes to food.

They take a lot of pride and joy in their meals and drink of choice. Visitors can see this firsthand at the annual Oktoberfest celebration.

My recommended eateries:

And can we talk about how magical the biggest Christmas store in the world is?!

Hello Bronners!

Frankenmuth, 2016

Frankenmuth, 2016


4.) South Haven -

It is the ultimate summer town where everyone rides bikes, skateboards, walks, rollerblades or kayaks. With an adorable bed & breakfast on every corner or near the beach, you will find an ice cream shop close by. 

The Taste Restaurant will easily become one of your favorites! We ordered just about everything off their menu because we couldn't get enough.

Clementine's is a close second and also a historic attraction. 

This town is right out of a Nicholas Sparks novel, lighthouse included. The fourth of July fireworks display is incredible and draws a crowd from all across the state. 


South Haven Pier, 2016

South Haven Pier, 2016

5.) Ann Arbor -

University of Michigan is a name well-recognized globally! GO BLUE!

An Absolute must: catching a game at one of the countries most iconic stadiums, The Big House. While in town, Check out a movie at the State Theatre

State Theatre, 2016

State Theatre, 2016

There are endless options of food and fun in Arbor. Between Main and State street.

have options for everyone. A visit to Ann Arbor isn't complete without a stop at Zingerman's Deli …..Just ask President Obama. 


Well, there you have it. The ultimate Michigan destination list that had us wanting to stay at each spot a little longer and coming back for more.

A few cities with honorable mentions are: Grand Haven (home of the musical fountain & coast guard) , Petoskey (Views and shopping!), Mackinaw Island (Carriage rides and fudge please!) and Grand Rapids because this city on the rise (and growing!) 

It’s a beautiful state and has so many more hidden treasures that have yet to be discovered. The possibilities are infinite when exploring "The Mitten." 

Comment below on your favorite City and find here in Michigan!




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