The Liebster Award!

So I'm extremely tardy but so excited to be sharing this news! I am thrilled and honored to be nominated for this incredible new blogger award by fellow blogger via Instagram, Lucy @ohthatsmomsense  !! The Liebster Award originated in Germany and is awarded to bloggers by other bloggers. In German, Liebe translates to love, dearest, kind, pleasant, cute, I accept on behalf of my ancestors! The blogger must have less than 1,000 followers while they continue to grow their online presence and engage with others! This award is a wonderful opportunity to recognize those upcoming bloggers and their work through networking! Pretty neat, right?!


As part of the award, there are guidelines and follow up questions from my fabulous new friend!

First things first, the rules for the Liebster Award:

  • Thank the blog that nominated you on a post in your blog.
  • Answer the questions asked by the blog that nominated you.
  • Nominate 5-11 other new bloggers.
  • Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer.
  • Notify all nominees via social media.

So who nominated me?

My fellow momma blogger, Lucy from Oh Thats Mom Sense Blog nominated me for this fabulous award. We were introduced through the mommy network and clicked right away. She has the most adorable little family and discusses all things mommy on her blog. I enjoy following her reads because she shares some of the most delicious, mouth-watering recipes (and I'm a sucker for sweets) so naturally, we became friends! She had me at macarons! Lucy is a DIY lover and can you believe she sowed her own wedding dress (you'll have to check out her post)?? She's such a joy and such a sweet mommy friend! So glad our paths crossed.

Who are my nominees?

I would like to nominate these lovely lady bloggers and their liebster-worthy blogs. They all bring a unique quality to the table but one commonality amongst this group are their vibrant, powerful blogging voices. I am confident you will enjoy their posts as much as I do:

Here are questions from Lucy as part of my nomination:

1.) What is your “why” for starting this blog?

I started The Gilded Wife for many reasons. I did have a previous blog called, The Mommy Suite with my mom and sister but, I wanted to focus more on love within relationships, my relationship with the Lord and, empowering women. I write to remind women of their worth and what we are capable of in this life.

2.) What advice would you give to fellow newbie bloggers just starting out?

Network, network, network. There are no strangers in life, just friends we haven't met yet. Also, be passionate about what you're doing and it will feel less like work.

3.) What is your favorite food?

There's no way I can pick just one favorite. Both of my grandmas make an outstanding pot of vegetable soup and a homemade noodle soup. Anything by grandma...

4.) What is your favorite music?

Depending what mood I am in, I'd say christian alternative and country.

5.) What are your hobbies?

I'd say being a mother occupies roughly 99.9% of my time so for that .1% I would say reading, random dance parties and blogging with you wonderful people :)

6.) If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

GREEECCCEEEEEE! Have you seen their view?!

7.) What do you hope to achieve from your blogging career?

I will always love meeting people, hearing their stories and exploring all the world has to offer. There are so many people in the world that have this overzealous energy for life and I'd love to pick their brain. I think thats where my craze for reality TV and documentaries sets in...

8.) What do you love about motherhood?

Gosh, the fact that I get to make the most outrageous memories with these little people that call me mom is pretty rad. I could be in a ho-hum mood and they instantly lift my spirits. They redefine the term, love for me and give life so much more meaning. I thank God everyday for making me a mom.

9.) Before you had kids, what is one thing you said you would never do as a parent but ended up doing anyway?

HAHA! Here comes the truth...ok, so I think this goes more towards the first vs. second child. I was always wiping down toys, furniture, door knobs, etc. with the first born and told myself I would do this for all our children, equal treatment for all. Now with the second child, I'm blessed to be getting X number of hours sleeping, that the babies wearing matching socks and the house is somewhat in tact...and I love it! My mantra is take one day at a time because nothing can prepare you entirely for motherhood. Pray.

10.) What baby item would you recommend to a new mommy?

Hmmm, a pack n' play probably. Its portable, nice to have while traveling, easy to clean and great for baby, awake or asleep!

11.) How do you spend your free time?

Well, piggybacking off of the hobby question, I will say when the kids are asleep, my husband and I are Netflix buffs. When we find a TV series, look out!

And here are my questions for my nominees...

1.) In one word, describe your blog.

2.) Aside from family, food and water, what is one thing you cannot live without?

3.) What does your typical weekend look like?

4.) What is your favorite movie?

5.) What is your go-to sweet treat?

6.) If you had to choose one sport to watch the rest of your life, what would it be and what team (optional)?

7.) What is your favorite childhood memory?

8.) What are 3 must haves in your purse?

9.) If you could meet anyone, alive or deceased, who would it be?

10.) What is your favorite bible verse/quote to live by?

11.) What would be a piece of advice you would give for new bloggers?

Have fun with these questions ladies! I can’t wait to read all of your posts!