Love to Wait

I trust that your Valentines Day weekend was filled with sweet treats and plenty of love. I'm not just talking about your "special someone" either: family, friends, pets, neighbors. This holiday has become the most despised holiday among singles because, it serves as a reminder of loneliness. I have news for you! You are not the only one! I have been there, she has been there, he has been there...don't ever think that God doesn't hear you because he already knows the day, the time, the place and most importantly, the person he has created to be your partner for life. And when you do meet, you'll know they were worth the wait :)

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Speaking of relationships, major kudos to the couple behind the book, "The Wait," DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good. The book is about, you guessed it, sex but it covers so much more than just the intimate portion of relationships and dating. The Wait gives a different perspective on life and love when you choose to wait in a culture where instant gratification is paramount. Franklin and Good wed in 2012 after meeting on the set, Jumping the Broom and several years of datingThe mutual decision to abstain until marriage allowed the couple to slow down, learn patience, and connect on a deeper level. To this day, the couple have reaped the benefits of this decision as their success, deeply-rooted faith, and unwavering marriage continue to flourish. "The Wait is for singles, for those already in a relationship, and for anybody that is looking to go to the next level in their life," stated Franklin, "for a successful life, you must have a successful relationship...the person you end up with, determines ultimately the fate of your life." The book can be purchased on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play or your local book store.

I am nearly halfway through the book and I must say, the couple are insightful and cover more than the dating realm. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you." - Matthew 6:33  Although The Wait targets readers who are seeking Him and a partner for life, the message encourages and continues to motivate those who are pursuing love in more ways than one. "...God is love." -John 4:8