How To Rock The Ride

"From my personal experience, I can say that I've attended one spinning class in my life. The lighting was casual with low-volume music playing in the background, while seated on the most uncomfortable bike. Halfway through my (one and only) spinning class, I was done and ready to hang up my spinning shoes." - Me


My view on the art of spinning has forever changed and no doubt for the better

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Walking into the CycleBar studio, I knew what to expect physically.

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Once I was checked in on the iPad, I topped off my CycleBar bottle, dialed into my locker and exchanged conversation with employees as the stage was being set for an intense and gratifying workout.


I twisted the dial to tighten my shoes once more, took another deep breath of the intoxicating, custom-designed scent as I was pleasantly greeted by Lady Gaga. The surround sound serenade was exceptional entertainment to commence my Schwinn bike shoe-locking. At that moment, I could sense the beat vibrations pulsing through my pedals.

Let's get this party started.

The employees introduced our group to the CycleBar lead enthusiast for the evening class. His energy was contagious and most definitely raised the Cycle "bar"...


At 15 minutes during the 50-minute class, I was tapped out.

Strangely enough, the studio atmosphere kept me motivated, empowered, pushing me out of my comfort zone even though my "tank was empty." The music, the visuals, the lead instructor were as galvanizing and demanding as a drill sergeant yet entertaining and engaging as a best friend. The environment ignited an internal drive to "spin your face off," as the instructor would say. 



As the class concluded, I walked out with much more than spaghetti legs and a sweaty outfit: a confidence boost, ample energy (literally within hours) and an overall better attitude. CycleBar is driven by an outstanding staff, a high-quality fitness studio with some serious beats and visual stimulation, and delivers one uber-exhilarating workout.

Have you tried CycleBar before??



I was selected as a CycleBar brand ambassador and was given the opportunity to experience their new studio free of charge in exchange for writing this post. Please note that any personal opinions in this post reflected in this CycleBar - Troy review are my own and this post has not been monetarily compensated. 

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