How To Cherish Those Organic Family Moments Today

"This post is sponsored by Earth's Best Organic®, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own."

We are celebrating a big milestone in our family!

Our youngest has turned one!

He’s crawling, climbing, clapping and tomorrow he’ll be walking - I’m sure of it!

With this big year ahead of him, I wanted to be sure he was acquiring all the essential vitamins and minerals needed to ensure a healthy (And quickly growing) foundation.

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That is where Earth’s Best Organic® Dairy Formula comes In and supplies those nutritional needs.

The Ingredients and quality of formula are paramount for my boy.

I’m confident and ready to introduce him gradually into a Dairy-based formula that does NOT include corn syrup.

Here are many more reasons to introduce Earth’s Best Organic® Dairy Formula into your Family and get everyone included today!


I trust Earth’s Best when I began introducing my boys to formula. I wanted a quality, trustworthy and optimal product that I knew was supplying my little babies brain and eye development.

Here is what I’ve learned about Earth’s Best Organic® Formula:

  a. Milk-based Formulas produced with milk from cows fed certified organic feed and not given artificial growth  hormones or antibiotics

      b. Omega-3 DHA and Omega-6 ARA fatty acids to support brain and eye development

     c. Iron Fortified for healthy development

    d. Milk-based Formula with no added corn syrup solids 

    e. Milk-based formula with Lutein for eyes and prebiotic fructooligosaccharides for immunity

   f. Kosher Certified 

  g. There are several differences between non-organic and organic formula. The biggest differences are that organic formula is free of genetically modified ingredients and is made without prohibited synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, synthetic hormones, additives and antibiotics. While the FDA has strict regulations on all infant formula to meet standard nutritional guidelines, put simply, choosing organic formula can limit your baby’s exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Food is a very important factor in our lives. What we choose to consume and the quality of it will ultimately affect our health.

Choosing foods are NON-GMO, grass-fed, and simply organic are staples in our household. This was important to my husband and I in our children’s diets.

It is important to educate and include children when discussing foods: the health benefits, why they’re eating it and keep them on a steady diet.


Walking through Walmart, I was pleasantly directed to the baby aisle where I found Earth’s Best Organic® Dairy Formula.

I enjoyed reading the facts about all the major milestones that Earths Best Dairy® Formula supports throughout development stages.


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After I got home, I boys were eagerly waiting to feed their little brother.

They took turns holding him and the bottle. And of course the questions started flowing!

“Is this his milk?”

“Can I drink this?”

“Will he get big muscles from this, mama?”


My little one year old was eager himself! Do your babies like to take control of the bottle?


His favorite time is feeding time with Earths Best Organic® Dairy Formula.


Want to learn more about Earth’s Best Organic® Formula? You can visit your local Walmart or search the site online.

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