He Knows Me Inside and Out

He's heard my heartbeat from the inside, out. He captured my heart for the third time - behind his daddy and brother. I am enamored by his laugh and allured by his sweet innocence. Being his mother has been the most gratifying, eye-opening, heart-rendering experience of my life. I have seen, felt, heard and experienced moments that I wouldn't trade for the world. This weekend, I celebrate a year of those moments with my blessing from above and thank God that He chose me to be his mom.  


My birth plan was very similar to his older brothers. Sure enough, there was little that met my plan. That morning I had prayed over Levi because I no longer felt movement, not even a flutter. Alan and I headed to the hospital where the doctor stated that I would need an emergency C-section; because, the baby was in distress and his heart rate was dropping significantly. You can imagine the wave of emotions that came over me after the thought of lose my baby crossed my mind. After hours of waiting for our baby boy, Levi entered the world crying (for his mommy) and I was in tears giving thanks to God. The doctor handed me Levi and said,"He is nothing short of a miracle. The umbilical chord was wrapped around his neck FOUR TIMES!" She'd never seen anything like it. I was flabbergasted and continued to thank the Almighty countless times for my intuition that morning. I believe in miracles from above even more so now because my son is walking proof.


This weekend, I reflect back on that emotional rollercoaster. He will forever be my miracle baby and mini-me. Happy First Birthday to my handsome little man! Thank you for a year enriched with incredible memories. You and your brother are the zest to my life and I look forward to the plans He has in store for you. Mom and Dad love you to God's throne and back!