A life better than chocolate

Hello, hello friends!

My family was battling the nasty flu bug this past week. Now, I couldn't be happier to have my healthy babies back. What a week it's been...

So, I was very eager to get started with my posts and realized that I haven't introduced myself.

I'm Amy and I am the blogger behind, The Gilded Wife. My husband, Alan of 9 years (5 married) with our two boys, Elijah and Levi are all proud Michigan natives and are looking forward to our first family vacation the end of this month!! EEEEK! Eli is his daddy's mini-me and is in the "exploring stage." (prayers please!) Little Levi is a momma's boy (and I'm ok with that) and babbles all day long with his big brother. These three have me swooning daily - I consider myself a blessed woman!


I have a degree in Communications/Public Relations and absolutely LOVE my career field. I was previously in Dental Hygiene (and still have a soft spot for oral pathology, crowns, and radiology); however, I have found my place in the business wing. I did play college softball for a couple years and miss the game SO so much. My parents, who've been married for 34 years now, are among my favorite people in the world and talking to them daily is a must. I am second in line of 4 babies: my older sister, Beth is forever my lady soulmate :). She's my go-to for just about anything and everything. I adore her and I know she's over the moon to be stuck with me, infinitely. (and she happened to be with me when I met my husband - thats another story...)! My younger brother, Anthony is currently over in Japan playing for the Nippon-Ham Fighters. His career began circa 1988 when he could pick up a baseball. I can't say I know anyone who is more passionate about talking, playing, reading about the game of baseball. For all things baseball, he's your guy. And lastly, my baby brother, David rounds off the family. A family man, a solo industrious entrepreneur, and a giant teddy bear. I wouldn't trade the world for this rowdy, optimistic, loyal, and fun-loving group of kids.


Being a wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend, makes me proud to be a women. Together, we must continue to empower, support and encourage one another with love and respect. In my book of spiritual warfare, it talks about women having a much greater battle within; because, we have a much deeper emotional drive. We give life and that is why Satan has a target on our backs. We have the power to reach lives and share a deeper love. With this blog, I pray to share stories, articles, books, scripture and all that the Lord lays on my heart with you so, you may continue to battle the evil one who is out to "seek, kill, and destroy." - John 10:10