3 Easy Ways to Implement Square Cash Today

**This post is sponsored by Square Cash but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.**


It's officially crunch time for holiday shopping! Two weeks away and many of us are left with hefty holiday dues and/or undecided gifts for loved ones.  

Well, I have found in the previous years that teaming up with my siblings for gift-giving allows for more brainstorming and less headaches. Am I right?

This year I was "in-charge" of money pooling and purchasing the parents' gifts. The pooling process can be cumbersome, especially with family being out of state and schedules overpacked with little to no wiggle room. I get it. 


Thankfully, I was introduced to Square Cash which makes holiday-shopping more simple and less chaotic when it comes to paying dues. It has freed up time for the holidays and energy; because I need EVERY ounce for my little firecrackers. 

Square Cash is essentially the easiest way to send a quick gift or a swift payment, but what about after the holiday season? Well, let me tell you that once you download it here I have a few greats ways Square Cash will free up your time as it has mine:


When I first used Square Cash, my first concern was security. Because the app connects to my bank, credit card and phone contacts, I wanted a peace of mind. Thankfully, Square Cash has a security lock that requires a passcode to be entered before a transfer is executed. 




As a SC user, I can choose to request or pay the recipient by Name, Cashtag (personal Square Cash profile name), Email, or SMS (texting) through my personal contacts with a tag line like:

Mom's gift




Bottom line is Square Cash has made this mama's life a little easier now that I can send payments to whomever I choose and whenever free of fees and hassles. It's efficient and one less task I have to worry about this holiday season!