20 Unique Gifts Under $40 that are Michigan Inspired

Tis the season to give and receive, and what better gift to give than the gift of home.

And for me that is Michigan.

Here are just a handful of unique, beautiful and thoughtful gifts sold by local michigan businesses across the state!

GEMS. GEMS. and MORE gems.


Out of the hundreds of these adorable small, unique, home-grown business, I’ve narrowed it down to 20 that give me ALL the feels - that you just can’t find anywhere else….


Be sure to click on the pictures for more details!

Michigan Mittens (Go Blue!)

-City Bird Shop-

Michigan State Sticker

-Shiloh Collect Co.-

“Take Me Home” Hand Painted Sign

-Brush & Timber Shop-

Michigan State Outline (stitched in leather)

-Better Life Bags-

Mitten Crate (one-time gift or subscription options available)


Detroit Cookie Co. Gift Basket (Set of 4 packaged cookies)

-Detroit Cookie Company-

Michigan Polka Map Crew Socks

-The Great Lakes State-

You Are Mi Sunshine - Women’s V-Neck T-Shirt (Maroon)

-The Great Lakes State-

“Go Jump in a Lake” towel

-The Great Lakes State-

“Go Take a Hike” 15 oz coffee mug

-The Great Lakes State-

Detroit Bold Coffee - Variety Pack

Benjamin Twiggs Sweet Tooth Package

Brown Bag Popcorn - Caramel & Cheese flavored

-The Detroit Water Ice Company-

Michigan Winter Hat - Forest Green Beanie

-Mitten Crate Co.

“I’ll Be Home For Christmas” Glass Ornament.

-Bronner’s Christmas Shop-

Illustrated Michigan Map Silkscreened Art Print

-City Bird Shop-

Michigan Wrap Bracelet - Gold

-City Bird Shop-

Small Michigan Lower and Upper Peninsula State-Shaped Cutting Board Set

-City Bird Shop-

Detroit’s Future is Female Classic Mug

- The Crimson Fox Studio-

Great Lakes Coffee Roast - Motor City Blend (12 oz)

-The Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company-

Be sure to let me know WHICH ONE (or TWO) YOU HAVE YOUR EYE ON BELOW!