11 Beneficial Tips for Aspiring Bloggers

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I had SO many questions that needed answers.

I was torn with impressing readers, being true to my Authentic Voice and Deciding between the 83462 things I LOVED to Write about.

but where to begin?!

Attend a (blogger) mixer! I listened to several experienced Influencers + Bloggers about their (business) Fails and Success through the years…


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The Michigan Blogger Mixer introduced a unique blend of creatives. 

Introductions were given by each of the panelists:

Andrea Kerbuski

Kristin Jones

Tyler James 

Sarah Schneider

Collectively, here are 11 helpful Blogging Tips from the panel:

  • Remain Consistent.

    survey your audience and ask:

    why are you following?

    What do you want to see/hear more about?

    When that’s determined, start scheduling posts and sharing your story. Keep showing up.

  • Find + Engage with like-minded Influencers.

    Take advantage of the influencers you follow. Reach out to them and engage with their community. Pick 3-5 Influencers you admire and see what it is you enjoy about their platform (photos, Their Personality, Topics Discussed, etc.)

  • Be Authentic.

    Use your blog/Platform as a tool to express yourself; because someone, somewhere needs to hear it. People will respond to the Passion behind your writing.

  • Look for Inspiration.

    Take a walk, go people watching, see a movie or listen to music. There are hundreds of ideas that can inspire your writing. Remember why you like what you saw or heard then make it your own - be different.

  • Don't Buy Followers.

    Readers (businesses, companies and followers) see through this. It isn't about how many followers but rather the interaction, the engagement you have with your audience.

    Quality over quantity.

  • Let Your Words Flow.

    Don't try to impress or be someone you aren't (Going back to Authenticity.) Post what inspires you and create a blog atmosphere that makes you thrive.

  • Create a Persona. If you want to grow your audience, create a person that resembles your audience and use that persona as inspiration.

  • Don't Share Personal Pictures.

    the front of your house, the Behind your car license plate Photos or letting everyone know that you'll be out of town this week- not the best idea.

    Also, be careful with using hashtags ( e.g. babiesofinstagram ) Be smart about what you post. You are giving the public access to your photos. Let the genuine people find you.

  • Get on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

    If you're not yet. They are booming with business. (Also, be sure to register your platforms under the business account vs. personal account- this will unlock analytics for your business use.)

  • Grab a Family Member or Friend for Pictures.

    Hiring a professional isn't always necessary. Ask someone you are comfortable with taking pictures ( the VSCO photo app or Lightroom App are great). Also, be conscious of the picture composition and lighting.

  • Remember Your Why.

    Social media can be Overwhelming so Remembering why you began is essential. Keep asking yourself, “Who am I serving?” or “Is this serving My why?”


What blogging comes down to is sharing your story (on YOUR platform) because your story is uniquely and unapologetically YOURS!

 Be vulnerable and don't worry about impressing or fitting into the blogosphere. Start exploring from within and utilize your platform!

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