The Gilded Wife was founded in 2016 as a lifestyle blog with an emphasis on family, faith, and maintaining a healthy life - mind, body, and soul. Since inception, The Gilded Wife has partnered with businesses/events such as NAIAS, Shutterfly, Charles Schwab, Square Cash, Solid Light Co., The Word Inspires, and more!

I was convinced that The Gilded Wife was the most appropriate title considering where I was and where I am today. Although some may see this picture and think we have it all together, we are certainly a work in progress.  The Gilded Wife was designed to connect you with people, places, and products that have inspired me to live the good life. The full life. 


my mini-bio 

I'm Amy, and I'm the gal behind The Gilded Wife Blog. I'm a Michigan native with my husband and our two boys. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Communications/Public Relations where my passion for social media and networking was born. I've always considered myself organized, until I had children. 

I strive to live a green life, to be an ambassador for Christ, read as many books as humanly possible while traveling the world and to be the best darn wife and coolest mother ever! 


Now that we're friends, grab a cup of coffee and hang out for awhile!  Or drop me an email - I love happy mail! (you can always share a book you're loving right now or let me know if you have a prayer request!)