Why I Choose to Love my Husband Above our Children

My husband and I celebrated SIX years of our crazy love.

I was already planning an evening with Netflix and a cup of hot tea - yes, tea. (Green or black tea with a splash of honey is my jam.

While attempting to fold laundry and organize the basement, ( all while toys were being launched across the room) I heard a familiar song over the speakers. My husband had synced his phone to the basement radio to play the song I had walked down the aisle to. He even had a single rose in hand. 


I couldn't believe it.

He arranged for my sister-in-law to watch the boys; so off we went to celebrate, just him and I. 


That evening, it occurred to me that we had been abusing "our time." The time that is meant to strengthen us. Our marriage had been placed on the back burner for whenever convenient. That time couples require to mature as a spouse and a parent.

Becoming a wife also comes much responsibility.

Ephesians 5:22-23 states to "submit yourselves onto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of his wife, even as Christ is the head of the church..." 

And husbands are to mirror a love for their wives just as Christ has for the church. When Jesus calls wives to be submissive, that is not to be considered a weakness but rather meekness. Defined as being humble or righteous: King David, Paul the Apostle, Moses and Jesus Christ himself were all described as being "meek." Although, it is a rare virtue among those in an aggressive and over-bearing world, the Lord says, "blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." Matthew 5:5 


As I strive to become better at my wifely duties: to be meek, obedient, tender-hearted, loyal, respectful, kind, and careful not to let my funny bone deteriorate, I am simply doing my best. Over the years, I can see where my husband may feel devalued while having battled for my attention and/or affection. I truly believe that a marriage sets the tone in the household. When we disagree, our children can sense the tension and unfortunately, converts into hostile parenting. 


Ultimately, our children perceive us as primary role models. How I speak, my mannerisms and the respect I show towards my husband (and vice versa) is how they will ultimately treat others, possibly their future spouse. I hope that they will turn to prayer to help sustain both their marriage and families.

This is why I choose to love my husband above my children; so that they may respect, trust and see our love as mighty and intimate as Christ's love for the church.

As a mother, continue to extend a hand of guidance, love and prepare them for the challenging road ahead. And as a wife, lend your obedient ear, faithful hands and steadfast heart to the one He created for you. After all, you are on the same team.




Amy is a devoted wife and mother with a passion for connecting with women in all walks of life. Her blog, The Gilded Wife encourages and empowers women to live a full, free, and fierce life according to God's word. Her joy is found in the Lord and gives all the glory to Him. She enjoys traveling, is a lover of dark chocolate, and hopes to become a foster parent one day. 


How To Cultivate A Healthier Lifestyle Today

I received a complimentary membership to Dashing Dish in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


I personally have never been the type to meal plan. As a new mom, my focus is getting through one day at a time with whats in my refrigerator.

I have an okay diet, and my exercise consists on chasing my boys around the yard.

This is my reality.

This year I'm choosing to make a CHANGE in my overall lifestyle with the help of Katie Farrell from Dashing Dish. 



For years I've followed Katie's journey through Dashing Dish, her heart for Jesus and healthy living. Through her three books, Katie continues to share her testimony and over 2,000 mouth-watering recipes - (minus the guilt!) 



My boys enjoy the Cranberry Turkey Salad - sandwich form (we did omit the pecans.) It's a quick savory meal with a sweet crunch AND kid-friendly! BONUS!

There's more where that came from...



The Dashing Dish Membership has you covered with more kid-friendly, gluten-free options, 30-minute meals, a variety of delectable dishes and SO much more!

And coming from an amateur (me) in the kitchen, these meals are effortless to whip up AND bursting with flavor! 

Not sure about an ingredient? Katie also includes substitutions for your personal preferences. (I did swap out a few ingredients and the meals were just as delicious!)


The Skinny Mexican Lasagna was my family's personal favorite. This meal took a little over a hour between prep and cook time but was certainly worth the wait. My husband has a particular palette and was coming back for seconds!

I do enjoy the gluten-free options, especially a dish with a little bit of heat: cumin, chili powder and enchilada sauce gave this meal a kick but wasn't overwhelming. 





AND it doesn't "taste healthy" because the thought behind healthy dishes is... 

healthy = lack of flavor.

Katie does a phenomenal job introducing various spices and herbs throughout her dishes to keep flavor VERY present and removes all the processed junk - This is paramount for exceptional dishes! 




SO, what is the Dashing Dish Membership?

     The membership provides the tools for cultivating a healthy lifestyle which includes:

  • A Meal Plan Builder

  • Grocery List Builder (THEE best!)

  • Members only - Exclusive recipes AND workouts

     All for only $7 monthly or $70 annually! Head over to Dashing Dish and sign up TODAY!



My top three favorite Dashing Dish Member features are:

  • The Grocery List Builder: a time-saver and so efficient! There's no going back and forth between recipes. I simply click what meal I want and the ingredients are added to my grocery list (sizes and amounts included - also includes what recipe the ingredient is from.) Easy Peasy!

  • The Meal Calendar: EVERY mom's dream! With a click of a finger, meals can be added to your weekly (or monthly) meal schedule AND you can print it out for the fridge. So there's no asking mom all day, "What's for dinner??"

  • The Dashing Dish Community (via Facebook:) a wonderful addition where other members share tips, ask questions, give suggestions and chat directly with Katie (she's actively posting updates, videos and talking with other DD members.) It's a great way to bounce ideas off other women aiming to live the best life with healthy goals too.

  • **BONUS** Dashing Dish has an iPhone app so you can take these yummy recipes wherever you go! AND its free!

A few things improvements would be:

  • An email option to have a weekly pre-made meal plan. I received a DD newsletter email that included a link to download a pre-made week plan curated by Katie and LOVED that this task was already done for me!

  • More copycat recipes. I noticed there was an In-N-Out clean eating recipe and would love to see more like that.

  • I do consider myself an amateur cook/baker and would love to see a "beginner's recipe" or easy recipe category.



Overall, I really enjoyed navigating through the Dashing Dish website. As I mentioned, I have read all three of her books and can attest to Katie's passion behind Dashing Dish. The savory and sweet recipes are crafted specifically to help those flourish in the kitchen, care for our bodies and live health(ier) lifestyles. 

Through discipline (diet, physical activity, etc.) and accountability (DD membership, community, etc.), we are able to cultivate and maintain an ideal healthy lifestyle.

Dashing Dish is the resource for exactly this...


How are you cultivating a healthy lifestyle?







The Biggest Mistake I Made as a New Mom

This post contains affiliate links.


When I first discovered we were pregnant with our first child, I couldn't read enough articles, have enough Pinterest boards and ask anyone and everyone about their experience as a mother. 

I was literally a sponge, trying to soak up every bit of knowledge and lesson from women who have been there, done that

But I learned quickly that books, advice and pretty pin boards could only better prepare for the technical aspects of motherhood. Because the moment I was induced for delivery, all those hours of reading and note-taking went out the window. 

In the famous words of the Fresh-Prince, "my world just flipped-turned-upside-down."



Nothing prepares you for the endless night feedings, the creams, sprays and special "bottom napkins" worn for weeks post-delivery - not to mention chest soreness and leakage.

Sure, there are endless highlights to giving birth and raising littles but the heat behind the scenes doesn't always relay through a friend's picture perfect delivery on Facebook, does it? There are SO many filters and editing tools nowadays that we soon begin comparing our lives to theirs.

At least I did.

I know how this goes because I fell victim to this lack of transparency far too often. This is what ultimately led up to my biggest mistake as a new mom.

I completely and utterly ADORE my sons, I really do. My husband is a rockstar for the continuous love and support he gives our family. But it was me - just me with a newborn while he worked and our families were hours away. And while being a stay at home mom has many perks, it can be lonely at times.

 I started visiting blogs of moms who were in the same boat as me and wondering, "how in the world do they have all their stuff together??"

There I was with a newborn, sitting in three-day old shirt, in envy, wanting what she had...

Hi my name is Amy and I am victim to this little thing called comparison. 

One minute, I was googling 'the age a child starts walking' then I'm on WebMD self-diagnosing 3847 different things between my son and I. I had allowed the feeling of guilt and "not enough" linger in my thoughts much longer than I should have. 

It robbed me of joyful moments, time from family and left me paralyzed emotionally. I just stopped living FULLY. 

I had to STOP this persistent thief of comparison from defining who I was and what I needed to be for my children. I say children now because, at times I still struggle with comparison but I know now, no matter what I read or hear, God is in control


Do not let your negative thoughts from within or from others dictate your life. 

Others cannot make you feel inferior without your permission; because ultimately, the only opinion that matters is Gods. 

You are a fantastic mom and human being! Yes there will be tough days ahead. Yes you will want to lock yourself in a room to just breathe, cry, and maybe sneak a treat or two without little hands grabbing at you...but you know what, those moments are temporary. 

Find the silver lining in all things. 

There is one. I promise.

Continue to take too many pictures, give too many hugs & kisses and love on your family like there's no tomorrow.


If you reasonate with this post, I'd love to hear from you and your experience below, or privately...we do need each other to get through one of the toughest life seasons and yet so rewarding! 



Here's a Twist to Girls Night Out

This post is sponsored by Painting with a Twist, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.



If you're sitting at home on a Saturday night (or even a weekday) struggling to come up with a unique and effortless night out with a girlfriend or even with your kids, well I think I can help you out!


I've never considered myself to be the "artsy" type and to be honest, I'm that person who still draws the stick figures and wish I had some artistic ability. When I first heard about Painting With a Twist, I was most definitely hesitant. 

I took my sister-in-law to Painting with a Twist for her birthday to see what it was all about and sure enough, we had an absolute ball! 


The fun began as soon as we walked through the door, the head instructor greeted us with smiles, laughter, and adorable little aprons. To our left was the "Inspiration Station" filled with a variety of yummy drinks, and to our left was artwork wall to wall that I instantly envied


Throughout the two hours of painting, there was singing, some dance breaks, and a whole lot of encouragement. Their motto, just have fun.  And I'm ok with that.


During the breaks, there was a fun contest that entailed painting a portrait of your partner...yikes! Naturally, my sister-in-law wins the GRAND prize (a paintbrush pen) with her somewhat fierce picture of me. 


I enjoyed my time with this group, because that is what made the experience so memorable -  your fellow creatives. No one took themselves seriously, some were on dates, others with their daughters, and we all came out with a gorgeous sunset to hang


I would highly recommend Painting with a Twist for a group of gals looking to have a laid back and silly evening, or a fun day with the kids (they even offered a kids painting camp during the week and weekends!.) No artistic ability needed. (if I can do it, you most certainly can.) 

Looking for a Painting with a Twist studio? Find one nearest to you here


My son is going to LOVE waking up to the warm sunshine every morning! 


Why You Need This In Your Summer Bag

*This post is sponsored by Kleenex but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.*


If you could start building a list of all the items you MUST HAVE for your summer vacationing bag,  what are some that first come to mind?

 Gum, credit cards, first aid, sunscreen, sunnies....I'm sure our lists are equally endless. But what about for  cleaning up runny roses, messy faces or a quick hand wipe??



I recently came across Kleenex GoAnywhere product, packed with 30 (SUPER soft) facial tissues that literally clip to your bag and off you go!  Here's what I found to be so wonderful about carrying this mini-pack in my summer bag.

Being a boy mom, its tough keeping up majority of the time. When they need a quick face or nose wipe, I have my pack clipped to my purse, on the inside or out. 


This one keeps me on my toes. I find it so convenient that the Kleenex GoAnywhere pack can snap off my purse and I can carry it with me, not my entire Mary Poppins bag. 


Kleenex GoAnywhere is so easy to carry, SO so soft and multipurpose. I've used them for hands, face, and a 1-2-3 noise blowing. 



I highly recommend Kleenex GoAnywhere tissue pack for on-the-go families. Thats another feature I found so nice was how "easy to share" this travel pack is with others. We were able to use this packet for my entire family at our family lake house get-together. 


Needless to say, the only thing we'll be catching this summer are the creepy crawlers . We are loving our Kleenex Anywhere pack


What is one essential item for your summer travel list?